Halloween Costume Contact Lenses: Here's 6 Warnings From The FDA

Your eyes aren't your only thing.|Contact lenses to wear for Halloween Six warnings from the FDA.xxx} If you're normal, your eyes do not rest on your shoulders or you wouldn't be slapping your face as you shout, "Want some of that?"

It's the same for Halloween costumes and contacts lenses. It's not the same as Halloween costume clothes. A pair of inappropriate pants can make it more difficult to dance or may cause problems and may impair your vision. The wrong contact lenses can result in damage to your eyes that pose dangers for the eyes of your loved ones. The result could be allergic reactions, infection, damage to your eyeball, vision problems, and even blindness. Most people won't say, "it was a great Halloween. Except for the blindness.

It is worth noting that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers a webpage dedicated for "Decorative Contact lenses to wear for Halloween as well as Other" and it is not like the ones for the pants. This information is applicable to any contact lenses that can alter the appearance of your eyes, like the ones made for cats vampires, or the other December 6th insurrectionists. The lenses could be known as many different things, like color cosmetic, fashion or theatre contact lenses. Such lenses aren't necessarily specific to Halloween. However, wearing them to an interview or first date with demon eyes is probably not your best option.

Lauren A. LittleOctober 13, 2005Halloween Contact LensesBrenda L. Shade Dr. Bert's assistant in the office, showcases a pair CibaVision "cat eye" contact lenses.
This may not be the best way to present yourself for a job interview. Photo by MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty... (+MediaNews Group via Getty Images. GROUP Via GETTY IMAGES
A few lenses are fashionable and attractive, whereas others can correct vision. Whatever the case, you must consider them just in the same manner as correction contact lenses. The word "fashion" doesn't always mean it is just for show, but it could have significant medical consequences. The FDA has the following information on their website:

"Do get an eye exam!" While you may not need to undergo a butt exam before buying pants, contact lens again do not have the same advantages. A misalignment of the lens and the eye's front could result in damage to the cornea, and possibly even more than. The air website pockets that exist between your front eyeball and your pant can be dangerous. However, a pocket that is filled with air in between the lens and your eye can cause damage. It could make your contact lenses appear like the shape of a plunger, and your eyes appear more like a toilet. It could also cause an increase in suction. The force that suctions on your eyeball is not good. It's also not romantic to touch your eyeball. Before even considering any type of contact lenses, you should consult an appropriately qualified, credentialed, and experienced medical professional like an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. If you're suffering from allergies, or any other conditions that could cause discomfort with contact lenses or uncomfortable, your doctor may suggest to take them off.
"Do take a prescription!" If you want to wear contact lensesor or any other type of contact lens, get a real prescription. Such a prescription should say more than "contact lenses for the eyes" and "contact lenses, make it look like" or "make your face look like Mystique." The prescription should be detailed, including the type of lens you require, with a possible brand name, the lens measurements, and also the expiration date. The eyes of a person can change consequently, your prescription should be current. In fact, having an outdated prescription could seem like walking into a store wearing furry boots, only worse.
"Do follow the contact lens care directions!" This is not the best time to "think out of out of the norm." Instructions for wear, cleaning, and disinfecting your lenses are provided because of a reason.
Contact lenses should be removed If you are experiencing eyes that hurt, are red, swelling or constant swelling or redness. An eye infection is not something you're able to "walk away" from. An infection can be identified by changes in your vision and redness, swelling the discharge of pus, pain or the eyeball sliding off your head.
Bruh. We wouldn't want to share our contact lenses with anyone else. It's like asking "dude did you finish using your condom?" or "hey, do you want to look at your dental floss?"
FDA recommends against purchasing contact lenses that do not have a prescription. It is best to purchase contact lenses from a FDA-approved vendor. Make sure to check the list of FDA-cleared or approved contact lenses before buying any. Don't just look to cut costs. Although the doctor's prescription may be valid, it does not mean that the supplier or retailer will adhere to the directions. You can think of the number of times you've purchased underwear only to be given crowns made from broccoli. Check to ensure that the lenses correspond to your prescription.

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